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Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2001

By Staff
Good wishes to military families for holiday season
An open letter to the military families of Lauderdale County:
Over the past few weeks I have tried to find a way to contact you and your loved ones who are now serving our country in this time of war. I hope those of you who read this will help me to say thank you to the other families who might not see this in print.
Since the horrifying events that took place in our great country on Sept. 11, I have been reminded of the many wonderful ways that God has blessed me and my family. Blessings that up until then I had just taken for granted. My prayer is that never again will it take a disaster to remind me of what a wonderful nation I live in.
As we enter into the holiday season, my thoughts and prayers are ever with you. Christmas is such a wonderful time for our family, yet we are aware that many of you will not get to celebrate it as a family this year because your loved ones are at war. Your sons, daughters, husbands, wives, mothers or fathers are making sure that we continue to enjoy the freedoms that they and others have gone to war for.
Words cannot express to you how grateful our family is to you for this sacrifice. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As you are able to correspond with your loved ones, please relay our best wishes and our THANK YOU's.
Craig Hitt and family
Supervisor, District 3
Lauderdale County
Newton Municipal School District enjoys competition
To the Editor:
The article in the Tuesday, Dec. 11 edition of The Meridian Star, "Newton County-Newton rivalry on hold" says a lot about the Newton Municipal School District. It is apparent that someone within that district (at the top) has it out for the Newton County School District.
What I can't understand is how the Newton Municipal School District community could allow someone to come into their community and destroy such a strong friendship and ties between school districts that close in proximity. So many of these athletes and students are family and enjoy the competition.
It speaks volumes of the leadership in the Newton Municipal School District and those she is attempting to lead.
Alisha Carter
via e-mail
More on the American Taliban'
To the Editor:
The cartoon in The Meridian Star on Dec. 2 hit it on the head. First let me say I was born into a Christian family, raised with Christian values, but I grew up and learned what life is all about. I served my country in three wars  Vietnam, Lebanon and in the Holy Land after Israel was savagely attacked by Egypt, Syria and Jordan  and through it all I never forgot I was an American fighting for every underdog that ever came to America looking for religious freedom.
The religious freedom that the founders of this country fought and died for is not Christian, not Jewish, not Muslim; in fact, as I recall my history, it was Catholics trying to get away from the Taliban of the Catholic Church that founded America. Yes, I know they were Christians, but who cares.
The fact remains that America was founded on religious freedom, not Christianity. I watched my friends die in battle all over this world and it was not just for Christians it was for everyone: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Catholic, Muslim, Jew, and for Harry Potter Lovers, and anyone else that makes America the Home of the Free.
So what I have to say to all the hypocrites out there who use the Bible and Christianity as an excuse to condemn others is this: You are not a very good, caring, loving, understanding American, much less a good Christian, and I did not fight (even though I am a Christian) to make this a Christian community or even a Christian America. I fought to make it a free America so a White, Black, Red, Yellow, Catholic, Muslim, Jew, and for a Harry Potter Lover to walk down the streets of America Proud to say, "I am an American."
Richard Lancaster