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All I want for Christmas

By Staff
Children at Bonita Lake Mall were asked what they wanted for Christmas and if they thought it was better to give or receive presents. Here are some of their answers:
Krissy Holmes, 7, from Scooba: "I asked Santa for a roller runner, a baby doll and a blow-up car that has make up inside of it. I can't wait to get make up and put it on. I love getting gifts on Christmas."
Josh Bradley , 9, from Union: "I'm going to ask Santa for a basketball, a Nintendo Game Cube and a snow board game to go with it. I love getting gifts at Christmas time. I can't wait to sit on Santa's lap. I've been trying to tell my brother and sister what they should ask Santa for. My brother wants a rescue hero toy."
Paul White, 6, from Philadelphia: "I want a virtual reality electronic game, a rescue hero firefighter truck, a Cyborg City and hopefully a few surprises. I hope I get what he didn't give me last year. I asked him for some of his magic. He didn't give me any last year but maybe I'll get it this year."
Charles Connor, 11, from Lisman, Ala.: "I want a lot for Christmas. I want a Gameboy Advance, a PlayStation 2 and my own television. I love video games. At Christmas time, I like to give presents as much as I like getting them."
Brock Hughes, 10, from Meridian: "Lets see, I asked for some remote control cars and stuff, hunting clothes and hunting gear. I like to hunt with my dad. I also asked Santa that he get all of the kids who don't have a lot of money and that have to live on the streets a lot of gifts they want."