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Sunday, Dec. 23, 2001

By Staff
A time to salute military service personnel
To the Editor:
Many citizens of the United States are sad this holiday due to the recent terrorist attacks on our great country. Some lost family members and friends, and some had to say goodbye to family and friends so that they could go and defend our country and our freedom.
We must salute the brave men and women who are risking their lives for us. We also must pray that in our victory they come back to us safe and sound.
Let us also remember veterans of past wars who also risked their lives for ours and their freedom. Most of us have family members that we can show our heartfelt gratitude to, and we should show it to them, as well as all of the others like them.
In particular I would like to thank my wonderful grandfather, William F. Jones, who served in the Army during World War II. He is the best words can not describe how much we love him. We are also very thankful that he came home to his family and is still with us today.
Also I would like to salute my uncle, John E. Fontan, who served in the Marines during the Vietnam War. He fought for the cause without complaint. We are thankful he came home to us as well, and is with us today.
There are many, many more like these two wonderful men. If you know any of them, just say thank you. Let them know you appreciate what they did for you.
Angie Jones-Secrist
God Bless America
To the Editor:
This morning I found an audio file of the National Anthem on my computer and played it at 8:46 a.m., the exact time that the first plane hit the World Trade Center. I took some time to remember the victims of the attacks and their families. I tried to imagine what the families are feeling now as they head into the first of many holiday seasons without their loved ones.
I am not sure that I can really understand how they feel. I have never experienced such a traumatic and unexpected loss in my life. I wonder how they can deal with all the unfinished things. Imagine how a wife or husband feels who said something mean to their spouse that morning as they headed off to work at the Trade Center. It might have been just a moment of anger in a long, loving relationship, but now they can never take it back. Or what about the young, defiant teen-ager who made angry statements to a parent that morning because of some perceived restriction of their freedom. How they must long to take the words back, and to have their parent back.
I know that our country must take appropriate actions to protect us from the hateful acts of terrorists, and I stand with our president and government as they try to find the right course. If I am called, I will go and serve. If my children are called, I expect them to go and serve. It is our time to make a stand and say to the world that the United States continues the traditions of those who went before us, and that we will make the sacrifices necessary to insure that freedom will always have a place in this world.
But, today, I am primarily thinking of the families of those who have already paid the ultimate price. May God watch over them. May we, both individually and as a nation, aid and comfort them as they struggle to deal with their losses.
No one knows when our lives will end. I want to say to my family, that I love and cherish them. To my friends and co-workers, each of you has enriched my life and taught me something of value. I am continually grateful for your friendship and support. To my representatives in the government of the United States, may you have wisdom and courage as you seek to take those actions necessary to protect this country, and, importantly, preserve the freedoms so valuable to us all.
God bless each and everyone of you. God Bless America.
Ronald B."Ron" Smith
Reserve Officer of the United States Army, and proud citizen of the United States of America
Military wife says thanks for flag displays
To the Editor:
As a military wife whose husband is deployed
overseas for Christmas, I just wanted to thank each person who has a flag or patriotic symbol displayed. Even though I know that you did not display it just for my husband, when I see it, I feel like you did. It gives me and our three children comfort when we feel like they are not forgotten over there. Before he left, it really made an impression on him to see the support of our community. He is proud to serve our country and has trained for many years to do this job.
Please keep them all in your prayers along with their families who are experiencing a very "different" Christmas. We are just thankful for them and pray for their safe return.
Thanks again for showing your Red, White, and Blue.
Beth Goodman