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School board approves repeat offender program

By By Steve Gillespie/The Meridian Star
Dec. 18, 2001
Students who defy their teacher or use profanity at school would no longer be expelled, would attend the alternative school and would receive counseling.
Meridian School Board members voted Monday night to approve the policy, which takes effect next semester.
Previously, those students would have been expelled from school. Instead, those students will now spend nine weeks at the Meridian Public School District's alternative school.
Sylvia Autry, assistant school superintendent, said the program would be for students who display serious behavior problems. It would not cover students who violate the law by having drugs or weapons.
After a student's third referral to the school principal because of behavior problems, she said, a behavior modification plan will be mapped out for the child.
School Superintendent Janet McLin likes the program.
In other business, the board approved a salary adjustment for a person in the school district to maintain computers. The district has one vacancy for the position and is about to have another.
The board's action changes what was called a "specialist II" position to "technology technician." The "specialist II" pay ranged from $19,871 to $34,836; the "technology technician" pay ranges from $28,360 to $43,560.
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