Ad Spot

Thursday, Jan. 3, 2002

By Staff
Charley Reese and other observations
To the editor:
For those of us who save the weather report each day, please, please, please … run it each day on the back of a classified ads page. Many times I would like to cut out "Kit N Carlyle'' to send to a cat-lover friend of mine. Also, I'm a devotee of "Marmaduke" and often "Dennis the Menace."
And while I'm about it, as shown on all the other pages, you have the capacity to justify the lines of type, that is, have all of them the same length. Why not do this on the editorial and op-ed pages? It would make them much easier to read.
Have you cut Charley Reese back to once a week? One paragraph of his is worth more than a whole wide column of Scripps Howard, even a wide column. They're out of sync with us; half a column once a week would be E-NUFFFF.
I hope to see some improvement; there's room for it.
Jo Campbell
About those Dumpster diggers'
To the editor:
As a taxpayer of Lauderdale County. I haul my household garbage to the green trash Dumpsters, only to find not one or two people digging through the Dumpsters, but whole families that gather at these dumpsters and dig through the trash. I have noticed that the license plates of most of the "Dumpster diggers" are not even from Lauderdale County. They are from neighboring Newton, Neshoba, Clarke and Kemper County.
Isn't it Illegal for these people to dig through the Dumpsters? If so, then why aren't the County Patrol Officers enforcing this law? Maybe our board of
supervisors could arrange to waive this garbage fee in return for allowing the "Dumpster diggers" to just come by our houses and pick up our bagged trash. That way we would not even have to haul the trash to the Dumpster and the citizens of Lauderdale County would have "free" door to door trash collections. Hmmmmm?
Sounds like a plan. Come on people, how many of you have been to the Dumpsters with your trash only to find that you couldn't even get close enough to the dumpster to throw your trash in?
If there is a law against Dumpster digging, enforce it!
Alan Day