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Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2002

By Staff
Writer disgusted' at golf course plan
To the editor:
I write this regarding the Bonita Lakes trails. I'm disgusted that you would ruin the few natural trails you have near your city to make way for a golf course (no matter how "beautiful" you may proclaim it to be once constructed). Clearly, you are driven by greed, as if you could not find another suitable location that would not encroach on the trails that so many obviously care for. I, for one, if the golf course goes in, will not visit your town any longer.
Phil Wade
Youngsville, La.
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Bonita Lakes golf course a short-sighted mistake'
To the editor:
It is my understanding that the trails of Bonita Lakes may be subject to widespread development for a proposed golf course. While this certainly does not surprise me, it does bother me as these trails are a treasure which should be kept intact.
Visiting the area from Florida, I had read on the Internet that there were trails near Meridian and since we were nearby (ClarkeCo State Park), my brother and I loaded up the mountain bikes and decided to check it out.
Once we got onto the park property, I was pleasantly surprised at the vastness of the park. Upon arriving at the trail head, I noticed scores of equestrians unloading their trailers and cars in the parking lot with bike racks. It was very nice to see and I wished that the town I live in now had something similar.
To destroy these trails for "just another golf course" would be a short-sighted mistake by the decision makers. Golf courses are everywhere. Gorgeous country with public access is rare and in great demand. Naturally, this demand will continue to grow over time.
Indeed, if the trails of Bonita Lakes stay as they are, I will return again to enjoy their beauty. If destroyed, I doubt I'll have a reason to return.
Scott Grubbs
Pensacola, Fla.
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Golf course displaces trails
To the editor:
It has come to my attention that yet another golf course is proposed to be built in your area and displace a hiking/biking trail. I ask that this be reconsidered.
More and more of our natural wooded areas are becoming neighborhoods and golf courses. Do we really need one more golf course? I realize there is more money to be made with a golf course, but are we willing to trade what little wooded lands we have left for money.
I hope our kids in the future enjoy golf because there won't be any trails to hike or bike on in Mississippi.
Robert May
Baton Rouge, La.
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Bonita Lakes trails precious'
To the editor:
Please let it be known that the trails at Bonita Lakes are very precious to mountain bikers and hikers alike. They are used a lot by people for exercise and relaxation.
Destroying these trails for another glorious golf course is a very big blow to a lot of people who enjoy spending time in the woods. There are enough golf courses around for everyone but our trail system is falling at a rapid rate.
People want to talk about bikes ruining the land, but what about building golf courses that are useless to everyone, including animals, except for the rich who are tired of playing on the same courses.
Please, we hope that the city of Meridian will reconsider the golf course proposal.
Eric Heyl
Kenner, La.
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