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Friday, Jan. 11, 2002

By Staff
City should retain crown jewel'
To the editor:
As a bicycle rider, runner, outdoor enthusiast, conservationist and businessman, I want to express my concern for the proposed development of the Bonita Lakes trail area.
Although I live in Jackson, I have been involved with the mountain biking trails since 1994 when I was invited to be the mountain bike race director for the State Games. The trail system and the park have evolved into one of the finest facilities in the South.
The citizens of Meridian and Lauderdale county have a "crown jewel" and should endeavor to retain this treasure for the future. Nature of this magnitude is becoming extinct and should be preserved.
Tom Martin
Cooper project great for Meridian area
To the editor:
I would like to thank our county and city leaders for their work concerning the "Cooper" land project. I have friends in Hattiesburg who are very upset with their leaders for losing this important investment in their community.
I also would like to thank the concerned citizens regarding the use of city land for a public golf course. I respect their view.
But regardless of what this land is used for, it should be developed. Some of our citizens would love to see this land but cannot ride a horse or bike. My grandmother can't walk 15 miles. All citizens should have some benefit from the use of city property.
In this all citizens will receive an economic benefit to the development of this property. Our city leaders have a responsibility to use what ever resources the city has to grow our city. I, too, am a land lover. I personally will lose much of my privacy and hunting land due to this project. My property adjoins this land. That is what happens when a community experiences growth.
I grew up in Meridian and always expected the Bonita lakes area to be developed. I think the mayor has a good plan for this land. Please give the mayor a chance to do his job for all the citizens.
For years my friends have left Meridian to find success. My hope is that my 2 year-old-son, D.J., can find success here.
David McGrew, DMD
Loss of nature trails means loss of visitors
To the editor:
Here is another view about the article from Bill Scaggs about the new development at the Long Creek Reservoir.
My friends and family have been using the ORV park at the Long Creek Reservoir. My family drives all the way from Huntsville, Ala. We stay at the local motels, eat at the local diners and spend money at the local stores and shops.
We always clean up our site when we leave and see that the local off road motorcycle clubs have kept the area in excellent shape.
Mr. Scaggs is promoting destruction of every tree, bush and animal to build a retirement community. I had hoped to see God's nature of trees, creeks and animals when visiting Meridian. Now I only will be able to drive by and see concrete, walls and sanitized city life.
Hopefully, the Meridian city fathers will either keep the ORV park or work with the local clubs to create another unique family oriented environment with another ORV park.
I would like to keep visiting Meridian, but, alas, nature has lost to development and we will have to spend our family time and dollars away from Meridian.
Ed Larosche
Huntsville, Ala.