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Board President oversees full county agenda

By By Chris Allen Baker/staff writer
Jan. 14, 2002
Two years into his first term in public office, Craig Hitt now finds himself president of the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors facing a full slate of issues.
A businessman in the timber industry, Hitt chose to help his county as District 3 supervisor focusing on his constituents, economic development and government communication.
During his first week as president, supervisors voted to establish a $5 million line of credit with the state to help fund capital improvements. He believes it was a good move.
Hitt said that it's important for the county to carefully use funds borrowed through the line of credit. He said his concern was, "Let's wait and put a list together and make sure that we have the money we need to cover these items if we choose to do them in the future."
Supervisors approved the line of credit on Friday. Hitt said he believes using money for the items on the proposed list would take care of most of the county's needs.
Hitt gains responsibility
Hitt spoke last week with The Meridian Star editorial board, talking about his first two years in office and his goals as president of the board of supervisors. He was chosen president last week.
Hitt said economic development is a primary concern for him.
Hitt said the county has a good working relationship with the East Mississippi Business Development Corp. the county's chief economic development agency in attracting business.
New youth park
Hitt also is interested in building a new park for youth sporting leagues a project in which he has been involved since he ran for office.
Road conditions are always a top concern for county residents.
Keeping in touch
Hitt said he believes his job is all about staying in touch with the people. He said he has always enjoyed being involved in the community and listening to residents' concerns.
In the coming year, Hitt said he doesn't see many big changes in the way the board works. While he promotes harmony among supervisors, Hitt said he also values individual opinions.