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Monday, Jan. 14, 2002

By Staff
As senseless as a parking garage with an elevator?'
To the editor:
When tropical rain forests are cleared, there is an outcry about their destruction and the effect it will have on the loss of plants and animals. Why are they being destroyed? The answer lies in profit. Who is so upset? Usually people of the temperate zone. Those that live in the tropical zone could very easily ask what has happened to our forests. And how could we answer? About 5 percent of the 80,000 species of plants native to temperate regions are near extinction.
Meridian has a natural hardwood forest in the heart of the city for residents to enjoy. It was part of a watershed to protect the city's water supply. It is no longer used for that, but is being enjoyed by many for its natural beauty, except for the part that was used to build a mall, and then the part that was used for the Agri-Center, and then the part that was set aside for the Arts and Entertainment Center, and then the part for the crusher-run road to connect to the mall, and now another huge section for a golf course. The natural area continues to shrink.
A golf course over those hills will cause more damage to the area and be very expensive for the city to maintain. The destruction of the trees and the resulting pollution of the lakes will be irreversible. Remember the silting with the construction of the Highway 45 bypass. What will the fertilizers that are necessary for the greens do to the flora in the lake?
Is there not another place for a municipal golf course? Could the city not use some foresight to maintain outstanding trails that could attract hikers, bikes, and equestrians that do not have many other options of places to go in a 50 to 100 mile radius, whereas golfers do. A golf course at another site would allow for the development of this natural area with many grants that would be available to allow it to be kept natural.
Meridian does need to plan ahead. Could a golf course that is difficult to maintain and destruction of a natural habitat be as senseless as a parking garage with an elevator?
Linda Barham
Leave Bonita trails alone
To the editor:
I think that the Bonita Lakes Trails should be left alone. We do not need to destroy the beauty of Bonita Lakes with another golf course. Renovate the ones you have.
If you insist on building a golf course, condemn the Village Fair Mall and the vacant buildings of Shoney's, Service Merchandise, El Chico, and the Movie Theater. You could plant trees and grass and put a high fence up. At least the travelers passing Meridian wouldn't have to look at the eyesore that is there. Or you could build a convention center or a family recreation center and park for families to enjoy. The access off the Interstate is great for getting off and on. Miniature golf, bowling alley, skating rink. The Frank Cochran Center and park has very little parking and is very small.
Remember the ones who insist on ruining the Bonita Lakes trails when they come up for reelection and vote them out of office.
Anna-Mari Embrey
People should vote on Bonita Lakes golf course project
To the editor:
I write this as a lifetime resident of Meridian. I am the mother of nine children and, when they were young, my husband and I would take them on picnics and exploring in the woods. Those places are all gone now. So why do they want to take the woods and trails at Bonita away from us?
I have walked the trails and loved the peace and quiet and beauty that God has given us. When my grandchildren come from out of town the first place we take them is to Bonita. My children here in Meridian use the trails for biking, running and horseback riding. I feel safe and secure when I walk out there and the natural beauty is so restful.
There are plenty of places for a golf course. Please give the people a right to make this decision. Let us vote. Don't take the right for us to decide out of the people's hands.
Sarah Thornton Vining
Reader compliments The Star's new design
To the editor:
I like your new format. It is new and refreshing. Frankly, I think this change was in order.
I also enjoy Austin Bishop's new article in the sports section. Austin's knowledge and love of the world of sports gives a welcomed new dimension to your sports department.
Keep up the good work, and I challenge you, myself and responsible Lauderdale Countians to work toward a better and more prosperous year in 2002.
Hank Florey
Supervisor, District 1
Lauderdale County