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Sheriff's deputies train to use new crime-fighting device

By Staff
FIGHTING CRIME Mike Capman, left, instructs Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department officers David Rosenbaum, Jr, middle, and Greg Crain how to use the "Total Station" a forensic mapping tool that helps in crime and accident scene reconstruction. Crain and Rosenbaum are two of five officers being trained this week on how to use the new device. Photo by Fredie Carmichael/The Meridian Star
By Fredie Carmichael/staff writer
Jan. 16, 2002
A new crime-fighting device will help the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department more accurately reconstruct crime and accident scenes it investigates.
Five officers are being trained this week to use "Total Station," a forensic mapping system that electronically pinpoints evidence at crime and accident scenes. Training ends Friday.
The Sheriff's Department bought the $15,000 piece of equipment a few weeks ago with money from a federal law enforcement grant. No one has been able to use it yet.
A representative from a Michigan company that makes the device is conducting the 40-hour, week-long training course to teach the five officers how to use it.
The training session was included in the purchase price.
David Rosenbaum Jr. , an officer with the Sheriff's Department, admitted the mapping system intimidated him at first.
Rosenbaum said he also hopes the device will make it easier for him to reconstruct accident scenes.
The mapping device will give law enforcement a big advantage in court, according to Calhoun.