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Benny DuBose wins chief's job

By Staff
PROUD DAUGHTER LaKesha DuBose leaves a press conference with her father, Benny DuBose, after he was named Meridian police chief. In the background is son Dewayne Smith. Photo by Paula Merritt / The Meridian Star
By Fredie Carmichael/staff writer
Jan. 22, 2002
Dewayne Smith stood near the back of a room at Meridian City Hall Monday morning with an ear-to-ear smile on his face.
Mayor John Robert Smith had just named DuBose chief of the Meridian Police Department a job he has filled in an interim capacity since Gregg Lewis' retirement in July.
Lewis said he was pleased with the mayor's choice.
Proud family
DuBose introduced his four children and asked them to stand up Monday during his acceptance speech.
DuBose expressed anger that they have been criticized by his detractors.
Family members say the talk has caused stress.
Surviving the criticism
Smith was one of seven friends and family members who attended Monday's press conference. Also present were daughter LaKesha DuBose, sons Jeremy DuBose and Benny DuBose Jr., and friends Barbara Staten, Dareall Thompson and Terrell Thompson.
Not all of them agreed at first that DuBose should accept the position, but all said they are happy for him now.
DuBose said he wants to establish unity within the department and fight for better pay for his officers during his first months as the new chief.
Smith said he is sure his father will do a great job as the city's new chief of police.
Name: Benny DuBose
Age: 47
Children: LaKesha DuBose, Jeremy DuBose, Dewayne Smith, Benny DuBose Jr. One stepson, Cedric Matthews.
Meridian Police Department: Joined in 1981 as a patrolman, served as DARE officer and internal affairs officer; promoted to sergeant in 1985; promoted to lieutenant in 1990; promoted to assistant chief in 1993.
Salary: His salary will be increased from $50,000 to $60,000.