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A word about state politics

By Staff
Jan. 20, 2002
Haley Barbour, one of the nation's best-connected Washington lobbyists and maybe the top political operative ever from Mississippi, is thinking about coming home to test the political waters, again. Barbour ran unsuccessfully against U.S. Sen. John Stennis in 1982. Stennis' career and influence over all things military in Mississippi achieved near biblical proportions and Stennis, the man, was unmatched in grace, statesmanship and high standards. Barbour ran a dignified campaign, but lost.
A run by Barbour for governor would add a very interesting twist to statewide elections in 2003, giving Republicans someone on whom they could pin their hopes of recapturing the Governor's Mansion.
Political circles are abuzz with the possibility that Attorney General Mike Moore may challenge incumbent Gov. Ronnie Musgrove in a Democratic primary. Reportedly, Lt. Gov. Amy Tuck has lately been telling her supporters she plans to run for reelection. And, a relative latecomer to the 1999 elections who nonetheless ran a good campaign, former Supreme Court Justice Jim Roberts, may be ready for another shot.
With congressional elections looming as the state's main political attraction in 2002 and the presidential race certain to dominate 2004, the Mississippi governor's race could take on national significance in 2003. If Haley Barbour is in the race, you can count on it.