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Lord of the Rings' an excellent movie

By Staff
Terry Davis, 12, will review movies from time to time for The Meridian Star.
By Terry Davis/Special to The Star
Jan. 24, 2002
I would recommend this film, The Lord of the Rings, to anyone who enjoys fantasy, action, drama, and suspense. The characters, character profiles, and actors did an excellent job.
If you are into special effects and sound effects, this is your movie. You could take all three Jurassic Park films' special effects and sound effects and put them together and not be able to even come close to the special effects and sound effects in this film.
This film is great for ages 10 and up. Some parts may make you jump, and some of it has blood and violence, but don't let that stop you. This film will take you on a visual rollercoaster through great battles, ancient tombs and vast cities. This film will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last frame.
This film is a magnificent example of courage, wisdom and bravery among nine friends. The Ring of Power is to be destroyed, and the evil to be vanished from Middle Earth. Frodo Baggins must encounter evil, sorrow and many other hardships to get the evil ring to Mordor, the land of evil, then to the mountain where the evil ring was created and destroy it before the evil magic of the ring gets to him. There is no way out. The result of failure is death. So Frodo must destroy the ring before the evil king, Saurdon, gets it and returns to full power, his evil unstoppable.