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Deputies' patrol cars strike three deer

By Staff
DAMAGE Lauderdale County Deputy Charles Pickett stands next to his patrol car, which was damaged Tuesday night when he struck two deer in separate collisions. The first one hit in the side passenger door, while the second damaged the front end. Photo by Paula Merritt / The Meridian Star
By Chris Allen Baker/staff writer
Jan. 31, 2002
Three deer almost made it through another hunting season until Tuesday night when two Lauderdale County deputies ran into them while driving separate patrol cars.
Both vehicles were damaged in the three accidents that happened within a span of 30 minutes. Neither deputy was injured.
Pickett, who has ben a deputy for two years, got out of the vehicle and inspected the damage to the front and passenger side. Pickett determined the car could be driven and continued.
Minutes after investigating the call, Pickett and Sgt. Joe White were traveling in separate cars on Liberty Church Road and looking for a suspect in another case.
Pickett hit another deer, causing more extensive damage to the front of his patrol car. At the same time, a third deer, smaller than the first two, ran into the rear of White's car.
White, who is the shift commander, said he had told other deputies Tuesday after Pickett's first collision to be careful of deer. After the other two, he said, "I was ready to send everyone to the house."
The first two deer died on impact. White shot the third deer because it was suffering, as required by department policy. Deputy Carl Merchant picked up the deer for processing.
Maj. Ward Calhoun said the sheriff's department averages one deer collision a year.