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The Star's Circulation Department keeps on truckin'

By By Brent Davis/Circulation Director
I drive a truck. My name is Brent Davis and I am the new circulation director here at The Meridian Star. If the powers that be here at the media hub of this great tribute to the first amendment give this column the thumbs up, then you will learn a lot more about me and the challenges of getting some 20,000 newspapers to their correct spots seven days a week, 364 days a year (we here in circulation do get Christmas day off).
As I said, I drive a truck. I really should drive a gas sipping go cart (one that gets over 70 miles to the gallon city and even better in the country) because one thing you quickly learn about newspaper circulation is that it requires a lot of driving. In fact, we here in The Star's circulation department drive well over a quarter of a million miles each MONTH to see to it that your newspaper is 1) in place 2) on time and 3) readable. A wet, soggy newspaper is of no use to anyone. (Although I have had more than one subscriber tell me you can dry out a newspaper in a microwave … but we don't recommend it.)
About my truck. It is one of those extended cab full size deals with a lever on the floor that can be moved to actuate the four wheel drive. Now mind you, me and my truck only get off paved roads about six times a year, but I gotta have that four wheel drive. You won't catch me getting stuck on one of those every other month occasions when my tires might leave pavement.
I also sport one of those diamond bright aluminum tool boxes in the back of my truck. Every tool I own travels with me everywhere I go. You never know when you might be required to build a bookcase on the side of the highway. It hasn't happened yet, but if it ever does I'm ready.
As you might have guessed by now I love to listen to country music in my truck. I just don't know if country music would sound as sweet in some gas sipping go cart. You will have to find someone else to ask. As for me I will continue to drive my trusty truck as long as it keeps running … then I will probably buy myself a newer model just like it, four wheel drive, tool box and all.