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Excellence in Education

By Staff
Feb. 7, 2002
NOTRE DAME, Ind. Sarah Marie Balzli, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Balzli of Meridian, has been named to the dean's list at the University of Notre Dame for outstanding scholarship during the fall semester.
The dean's list is comprised of a select group of students who have succeeded in maintaining a scholastic grade-point average of at least 3.4 during the past semester.
Balzli, a 1998 graduate of St. Bernard Preparatory, is a senior in the university's College of Arts and Letters. She is majoring in English.
The following students have been named to the honor roll for Lamar School:
High honors, first semester of 2001-2002
Sixth grade: Michael Cobb, Callie Covington, Andrew Follett, Patrick Futrell, Sarah Hicks, Brittany Jackson, Stephanie Jellenc, Emmie Johnson, Natalie May, Brooke Mayer, Devesh Patel, Logan Rush, Laura Touchstone and Elliott Tramontana.
Seventh grade: Bradley Bishop, Christen Cooper, Anna Covington, Jimmy Epps, Adam Gough, Kelsi Knight, Will McRae, Katherine Neunaber, Kristen Poole, Zirk Ray, Ginger Tobin, Tyler Touchstone, Frances Warner, Winfield Waters, Paul Williams and Parker Wright.
Eighth grade: Madiha Ahmad, Kelsey Cobb, Jessi Fort, Tyler McMillan, Sarah-Millicent Mitchell, Katie Pearson and Cameron Sherrill.
Ninth grade: Ali Ahmad, Luke Ainsworth, Ashley Bridges, Elaine Clark, Jay Dolia, Cody Fuller, Nick Jordan, Elizabeth Luke, Kristina Makey, Bhumi Patel and Jason Strickland.
10th grade: Alex Abangan, Tommy Edgerton, Jennifer Gordy, Sara Love, Blake Olmstead, Lane Rush, Lizzie Williams and Teddy Yeatman.
11th grade: Blair Bagley, Lacey Cook, David Culpepper, Stefanie Ellison, Dave Hicks, Holly Holifield, Mary Kendall Land, Beth Maranto, Sarah Pankiewicz, Brittany Sherrill, Lisa Swartzfager, Maggie White and Taff Wright.
12th grade: Carrie Jones, Jessica Lindsey, Amanda Marsalis, Natalie Myatt, Pat Phillippi and Erin Ready.
Honors, first semester of 2001-2002
Sixth grade: Kristie Allen, Taylor Allen, Ethan Anderson, Holly Corbitt, James Holland, Henry Hooper, Cassandre Le Cozannet, Will McArthur, Brandon McElroy, Sehban Siddiqui, Jessica St. Clair, Megan Wade, Mary McCall White, Rachel White and Sarah Wood.
Seventh grade: Bryan Barham, Emily Cady, Wade Covington, Colton Dooley, Jennifer Kimbriel, Nicole McCarthy, Kristen Nicholson, Matt Owen, Jennie Scrivner, Chelsea Tucker, Tyler Walker and Anna Grace Ward.
Eighth grade: Mary Elizabeth Futrell, Marjorie Kate McDaniel and Emily Thompson.
Ninth grade: Will Craven, Matthew Fort, Brian Mitchell, Leigh Phillips and Alex Touchstone.
10th grade: Sally Archer, Jennifer Braud, Allison Carroll, Mary Elizabeth Fulton, Amanda Jones, Alex Malloy, Christina Murphy, Sara Michelle Nicholson and Bess Scrivner.
11th grade: Erin Anderson, John Blubaugh, Lauren Herrington, Keely Phillips, Lauren Pigford, Jamie Sanders and Heather Wiggins.
12th grade: Joe Bryant, Lindsey Kyles, Melissa Love, Brittany Payne.