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Bush stunning in State of Union

By Staff
Feb. 3, 2002
While national political pundits do their customary over-analysis of the potential political implications of President Bush's State of the Union speech, only one thing really needs saying: Our President is doing a great job.
We, along with the vast majority of Americans whose opinions were recorded in polls after the speech, support the goals and means to achieve them outlined by the President. We are particularly enthusiastic about beefing up the nation's military capabilities, including a pay raise for military personnel. We hope Congress will ultimately boost military pay, improve the conditions in which all too many military families live on military bases, and fund the necessary weapons for successfully fighting the war on terrorism.
On the home front, funds for more training relative to terrorism could mean more pay for such emergency personnel as police officers and firefighters. While details remain to be worked out, we like the concept because local emergency personnel shoulder much of the load in fighting terrorism at home.
Bush's speech was illustrative of his confidence in the abilities of the American people to thrive, even in an uncertain world. The country is in good hands.