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Man carries cross through streets of Meridian

By Staff
WITNESSING Kevin Mulville, of Berryville, Ark., arrived in Meridian on Tuesday with his walking ministry. He carries a cross and witnesses to anyone who will stop and talk with him. Mulville planned to head north after he left Meridian. Photo by Carisa McCain / The Meridian Star
By Fredie Carmichael/staff writer
Feb. 13, 2002
An Arkansas man shouldered his homemade cedar cross Tuesday, strapped on his hip pack, stuffed his small bible in his back pocket and hit the streets of Meridian.
Kevin Mulville of Berryville Ark. travels to cities around the United States witnessing to people about God and Jesus. His cross has a small wheel attached to the bottom that he says "eases the walk."
Mulville started carrying the cross through city streets two years ago in his spare time. But last July, Mulville said he sold his paint contracting business and started his cross-walking ministry full time.
Mulville maps his walking course which he said is usually 10 to 25 miles by using maps from local convenience stores and hotels. On Tuesday, Mulville carried a Meridian map he got from the Baymont Inn &Suites on Roebuck Drive.
His 15-mile Meridian trek started on Interstate 20/59. He traveled north on Highway 19 North, walked east on North Hills Street and then south on Highway 39 South back to the interstate.
Mulville said he drives to different cities in his car and that "I pray and ask God where he wants me to go next."
In two years, Mulville said he has already carried the cross through 20 states and has seen 27 people accept Jesus into their life. And, he said, he plans to walk "as long as God needs me to."
For more information on Mulville's website you can visit his website at