Pilot objects to cell phone tower near NAS Meridian

By By Chris Allen Baker / staff writer
March 29, 2002
Meridian pilot Craig Ziemba told the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors Thursday that a proposed cell tower on Hickory Grove Road near Naval Air Station Meridian is a bad idea.
Ziemba, a former fighter pilot, lives on John C. Stennis Drive, near the base and the proposed tower site.
He also pointed out that the site is in a flood plain.
Lt. Mike McCarty, an air traffic control officer at the base, said NAS Meridian officials do not oppose the tower.
County engineer Neal Carson said cell towers are supposed to have two lights. One light is bright and operates during the day. The other is dimmer and is used at night.
Supervisors said they will investigate the situation.
In a Thursday work session, the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors also discussed:
How to help Hope Village for Children build a new access road if Attorney General Mike Moore grants approval;
A request from David Knox to pave Sam Hurt Road;
Amending the county's animal control ordinance to make it clearer; and
Changing the five-day notice required to call a board meeting.