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Music is the art of thinking with sounds

By Staff
special to The Star
April 10, 2002
Sounds of music from the Meridian Community College Community Band will fill the McCain Theater when the band performs its spring concert Sunday.
The concert is in conjunction with the Arts &Letters Series. Admission is free.
Under the direction of Carey Smith and working with the theme of "Let Freedom Sound," the band will play 11 songs ranging from Henry Fillmore's "Noble Men," to Johann Strauss Jr.'s "Perpetuum Mobile (Perpetual Motion)."
The selection "A Jefferson Portrait" will be narrated by MCC voice major Andrew Webb. Smith said the work is a new piece by Elliot Del Borgo that includes a recitation from the Declaration of Independence.
Members of the Community Band are:
Flutes: Jessica Gray, Theresa Griffith (piccolo), Judy Johnson, Cheryl Pickard, Bliss Savell, Sue Shoffiett (piccolo).
Oboes: Laura Bryan and Anita Panagiotu.
Bassoons: Joey Gibson and Sabina Ivy.
B-flat clarinets: Erin Elliott, Kara Etheridge, C. J. Holditch (principal and concert master), Margaret Lambert, Daniel Lanterman, Wesley Lollis, La'Toria Lewis, Ashley Parnell, Sara Rucker and John Weems.
Bass clarinets: Tom Fair.
Alto saxophones: Amanda Buffalo, Morgan Griesser, Lauren Harrison, Joseph Lamberth and Adam McRee.
Tenor saxophones: Colin Doherty, Corey Reece and Bill Woods.
Baritone saxophones: Josh Murphy.
Trumpets: J. B. Griffith, Andrew Havron, Justin Hike, Justin Hunt, David McKinney, Clay McRee, Ron Widener and Lavelle Woodrick.
French horns: Patti Coxwell, Bobbie Gibson, Kathleen Graham and Angela Lollis.
Trombones: Bill Drinkwater, Michael Eubanks, Stephen Jenkins, Hank Lambert, Alan Rigdon, Lee Rigdon, Jennie Kratzer and Jimmy C. Thomas.
Baritones: David Bastiansen, Harry Bates and Ron Smith.
Tubas: Wayne Benn, Bob Elliott and Jim Wilson.
Tympani: Scott Kratzer.
Percussion: David Bayles, Joseph Linton, Adam Pickett and Michele Smith.
Narrator: Andrew Webb.