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Forget the zoo idea

By Staff
March 31, 2002
Now comes District 4 Supervisor Q.V. Sykes with his intention of creating an animal farm at Lauderdale County's newest recreational facility. Our suggestion is that the animals go back to the farms they came from and supervisors get down to more serious business.
We don't doubt that Sykes, a former coach and teacher, has good intentions about giving poor children a chance to experience the joy of learning how animals live on the farm. Mississippi's agricultural traditions are honorable and, perhaps, Sykes could convince some of his farm friends to open their gates to organized visits from school children.
But putting what amounts to a zoo on county property simply raises too many questions of costs and liability. Sykes told fellow supervisors the other day the animals would not be owned by the county and they would go back to their owners when his term ends. But in the meantime, Lauderdale County does not need the added aggravation of running a petting zoo or an animal farm.
Animals are best suited for a farm. A recreational complex is best suited for more organized sports.