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Sheriffs' deputies write 82 citations in safety sweep

By Staff
Chris Allen Baker / staff writer
April 20, 2002
Lauderdale County sheriff's deputies stopped more than 1,100 vehicles and wrote 82 citations Wednesday and Thursday in a county-wide safety check.
Major Ward Calhoun said Friday that deputies set up 12 roadside safety checkpoints across the county, checking 1,118 vehicles.
Deputies checked drivers' licenses, car tags and child restraint devices among other things as a part of a statewide program called "Click it or Ticket."
Calhoun said state funds will pay for the deputies' overtime costs while participating in the program.
Among other violations, the checks resulted in a six citations for driving under the influence and six misdemeanor offenses of other types. Officers arrested three individuals on outstanding warrants.
Calhoun said part of the credit goes to DUI deputy David Rosenbaum for his work in helping with the program.