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Rabbits and chickens and goats … oh, my!

By Staff
April 21, 2002
There is no Dorothy, Toto, Auntie Em, Lollipop Guild or Lullaby League, but somewhere, somehow a wizard's hand must be at work. It's the only possible explanation for why a majority of the Lauderdale County board of supervisors continues to poor money into an animal farm. The animal farm at the recreation complex that bears the name of its chief sponsor, District 4 supervisor Q.V. Sykes, simply has no place in 21st century Lauderdale County. Like the mystical Emerald City of "The Wizard of Oz," it should be nothing more than the creation of an imaginative mind.
And yet … the animal farm is real. Animals are housed there. A part-time county employee is working there, feeding and watering the rabbits and chickens and goats. County tax dollars are being spent there. Young people will be playing baseball within a stone's throw of the cages and pens.
Surely the animal farm cannot be a county priority, not in this day and age.
What's next, lions and tigers and bears? Oh, my.