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Commission names Ready, Scaggs as Citizens of the Year'

By Staff
CITIZENS OF THE YEAR Bill Ready, left, and Dr. William Scaggs were named "Citizens of the Year" Monday by the Human Relations Commission of the Lauderdale County Council of Governments. The two awards were presented during the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors meeting. Photo by Carisa McCain / The Meridian Star
By Chris Whitaker / staff writer
May 21, 2002
The Human Relations Commission of the Lauderdale County Council of Governments named educator Dr. William Scaggs and attorney Bill Ready as "Citizens of the Year" on Monday.
The Rev. Gerald Hudson presented the awards at the Monday regular meeting of the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors. Hudson said the honorees set the standard for future winners.
Hudson said both men took courageous stands during the 1960s.
Ready said he was the only white lawyer in several states who represented blacks during the civil rights movement. Scaggs was Meridian Community College's first official president.
Dr. Kathy Baxter, a member of the Human Relations Commission, said this marked the third year for the award.
Ready said he didn't know if anyone deserves the award: "Recognition and acknowledgement is a shadow. It casts an appreciation onto others."
Scaggs said he was one of many who were involved in the "continuing business of addressing equities that exist hampering things between people."
Hudson said that Ready tried to preserve the right to vote for black Americans. Hudson said Scaggs' goal for Meridian and surrounding areas was to ensure quality education.