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Soap Box Derby racers to test course

By By Ryan Satcher
staff writer
It's almost time for the big day as the American Soap Box Derby Association's Soap Box Derby in Meridian has a day of practice this morning.
The participants involved in the race will be able to practice and get accustomed to the course from 8 a.m. until around 10 a.m.
The track will be 23rd Avenue and the street will be blocked off from 12th Street to Eighth Street. The actual race with run from 11th Street to Ninth Street with the race beginning near the front of Central United Methodist Church.
Director Danny Hill said 23rd Avenue was chosen because it is most suitable for the race. The race also could not be on a road that would interfere with the hospitals because the ambulances could not get through in the event of an emergency.
There will be around 10-or-11 cars practicing this morning. The time is so the kids can get the feel of going 35 miles-per-hour down the hill.
The police will begin to block off the streets early in the morning and the kids will begin to practice.
The kids will begin about half way up the hill. After a run or two they will move up to three-quarters of the way up the hill. Finally, when they are ready, they will be able to start from the ramp at the top of the course and get the real feel of the race.
The actual race will be held June 8 at 9 a.m. Cars are $500 to sponsor and at this point 13 cars are sponsored. Hill said that 14 cars will be entered in the race.
Each sponsored car will be able to be run about six or seven years. The boys go out and get a sponsor and they can race for that sponsor for a few years before the car wears out.
The cars were displayed in the Bonita Lakes Mall last week, but this weekend you can see them race for the only time before the actual event.