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Around Town Carousels Abound

By Staff
May 26, 2002
Here is where you can all full-size carousel horses that are part of the Around Town Carousels Abound public art project.
Midas Mare: Meridian City Hall.
Lightning: Meridian Central Fire Station.
Star Spangled Pony: Lauderdale County Courthouse.
Fantasy Filly: Bonita Lakes Park.
Lady: Dumont Plaza.
Al: Meridian Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
Giddy-up Van Gogh: Insurance Solutions.
Horsecents: BankPlus North Hills.
Horseplay: Meridian Little Theatre.
The Clothes Horse: Rhonda's Connection on North Hills Street.
Kidspiration: Poplar Springs School.
Your Horseness of the Queen City: Lauderdale County Tourism Bureau.
Faith Riding Hope: Hope Village for
Charlie Horse: Scaggs' residence, 2523 Poplar Springs Drive.
Winnie: Highland Park.
Mare-y the Mall Trotter: Bonita Lakes Mall.
Weidmann's restaurant.
Mr. Ed-ucation: Meridian Community College.
Magnolia Missy: Super Stop No. 4, 1303
Roebuck Drive.
Brother's Keeper: Rush Ambulatory Surgery Building,18th Avenue and 13th Street.
Trojan Express:
Northeast Elementary School.
Racing for Hope: Meridian Automotive Group (Sellers).