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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

By Staff
Thank you, Craig Ziemba
To the editor:
I would like to respond to Mr. John Roberts' letter in The Meridian Star on May 21.
Darwin had a theory. A theory is, according to Webster's dictionary, an unproved assumption.
Scientists speak of a "missing link" which, by the way, is still missing. There are no "transitional fossils" fossils that show the transition or evolution of one species into another). They simply do not exist. "Nebraska Man," you say! That entire "evidence" consisted of the discovery in 1922 of a single tooth that, in 1927, with further excavation, proved to be the tooth of an extinct pig.
What does the fossil record show? The sudden onset of fully formed species! Carbon 14, the process by which scientists "date" fossils to billions of years, has been shown to be inaccurate beyond two thousand years.
The Law of Biogenesis states that life arises only from life. Prior to work of Louis Pasteur, people concluded through observation that rotting meat "evolved" into maggots. Thank you, Mr. Pasteur, for debunking that theory.
The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that all energy useful for work is in the process of degenerating into its simplest state. Evolution proposes the exact opposite, that life is progressing from the simple to the complex.
If man is no more than an accidental occurrence, a happenstance from primordial slime, what is man's worth? Who has more value, accidental ooze or a divine and purposeful creation, woefully and wonderfully made in the likeness of God? If you and I are of no more worth than protozoa, then why should I respect you or your rights?
You are absolutely correct, Mr. Ziemba! There is a direct link between believing the lie of evolution and the current morale decay of our society. Thank you for speaking out the truth.
Trish Drinkwater
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We can still vote
To the editor:
Many states now have major problems with their budgets. None of the incumbent governors and legislators have taken any responsibility for their failure to do their jobs. In many instances they have spent and wasted money with no regard for the consequences.
The reality of this is in the real world you and I would be fired from our job for failure to perform. The American people can resolve this problem by voting these politicians out of office. Most have been in office for years and have forgotten why they were put there.
This would send a message to each and every politician on the local, state and national level that that were put there to do a job and that poor performance will be dealt with. They are not there to serve themselves.
Vernon Hill
Atlantic Beach, N.C.
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Airline pilots should carry guns
To the editor:
The Bush Administration has made a decision not to allow airline pilots to use handguns to protect themselves, the lives of their crews, the lives of hundreds of passengers, plus possibly thousands of lives on the ground.
Congress must realize now that WHEN more U.S. airliners are hijacked and used as missiles against Americans then we shall be getting only what we did not prevent.
The administration and Congress are losing voters' trust by not taking all appropriate steps immediately to see that the tragedy of 9-11 is not repeated.
Passengers already trust these highly skilled professionals with their lives the moment they come on board. Allowing pilots to carry weapons or keep them in the cockpit seems most reasonable as a last stop capability.
You think there is political unrest over 9-11 now, think about the charges that will ensue after 9-11 happens again! Voters will hold President George W. Bush, his administration, and all members of Congress personally responsible for not taking full action.
How many more unarmed airline pilots must die by having their throats sliced open before the necessity of arming them and making them the last stop in thwarting a devastating hijack is understood?
After all, members of Congress and their families and their staff and families all are frequent fliers. How would they like to be notified that their spouse was on an airliner shot down by an F-16?
Do they think it could not happen?
T. D. Ponder
Birmingham, Ala.
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