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First day slow with no wind

By By Jeff Byrd/staff writer
June 2, 2002
Virtually no wind on Okatibbee Lake meant tough sailing on Saturday here in the sailing competition at the State Games of Mississippi.
Four races were scheduled to sail on Saturday but by 6 p.m., only two had been completed.
At about six, Gray had had enough and came in to the Coves Nest Marina. Getting a ride with him was 13-year-old Tyler McDonald who served as a mate on Robbie Harrison's boat.
The pair worked well winning both the morning and mid-afternoon races.
In the morning race, Harrison and McDonald were first followed by the boat steered by John Marshall and Suzanne Poole. Leo Potvin's crew was third.
In the afternoon race, Harrison-McDonald were again first. Potvin moved up to second. Marshall and Poole were third and Gray's boat was fourth.
Also competing during the day were Charles and Betty Bond and a boat from Matt Barrett and Troy Buckalew.
The original plan had been to run four races on Saturday and two more on Sunday. One race score would be thrown out to give each boat five races.
Unless the wind picks up for Sunday, it will be a challenge to get the five races in.