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Armstrongs ride through Belgium

By By Chris Whitaker / staff writer
June 5, 2002
Andy and Eric Armstrong biked their way into Belgium on Tuesday and, along the way, met a man who called himself "Alain Cow-boy."
The man was standing outside as Elvis songs and country music played in the background. Alain showed off his three horses, one of which was from Iowa and another from Texas.
The Belgium cowboy was one of the highlights from Tuesday as Andy Armstrong and his grandson continued their trek across Europe by bike. Their journey continues today.
On Tuesday, the two rode about 50 miles up hilly streets and through residential areas. Armstrong said they now have an incentive when they find themselves getting tired.
Armstrong and his grandson met three bikers from The Netherlands who gave them hints about biking. Armstrong said he could only remember one of the bikers' names "because it was Alf.'"
Armstrong said it has been hard riding through big cities because most roads don't have street signs. He said he and his grandson stopped at a grocery store for water before heading on.
They rode toward Lier, but Armstrong said he wasn't sure the city would have a place for them to stay. Armstrong and his grandson said they expected to leave Belgium by the end of today.