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Day 8: Eric nicknames Andy Dr. Doolittle'

By By Chris Whitaker / staff writer
June 7, 2002
Andy Armstrong and his grandson, Eric, had an interesting day on Thursday as they continued through Europe.
Eric decided to give Andy the name "Dr. Doolittle" because of his peculiar behavior on the road.
Andy said nobody can get lost as much as he and Eric. A hotel manager gave them directions, but Andy said the directions took them everywhere but to the place they wanted to go.
The next time they stopped for directions, each person they asked had a different opinion. Andy compared it to someone asking how to get from an unknown road in Newton to Highway 19 in Meridian. Andy and Eric got directions from one lady who was excited about their trip; she had her photograph made with the pair and gave them writing pens.
It didn't rain on Thursday and the weather stayed cloudy and cool. They passed a lot of greenhouses with bell peppers, strawberries and tomatoes growing inside. They rode alongside the Mass and Wass rivers until they got to Koln, where they cut over to the Rhine River.
Andy and Eric met two ladies in their mid-30s on the ferry who sang American songs with them. Andy said there was a lot of laughter and wisecracks.
After getting off the ferry, they asked for directions at a bar next to a levee. The request started an argument.
They got to Oss, where they stayed Thursday night at a city hotel. He said the hotel had smoking and non-smoking rooms, which is unheard of in Europe. He also said they saw an 18-inch television, the biggest one they've seen so far on the trip.
Eric said he eats hamburgers every day because that's the only thing he can read on the menu. They hope to be in Germany by today.