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New charges brought against former MPD officer

By By Fredie Carmichael / staff writer
June 25, 2002
A former Meridian police officer has been released from the Lauderdale County jail on $2,500 bond after being charged with felony illegal possession of more than 100 units of phenobarbital a hypnotic sedative used to fight seizures.
Meridian Police Chief Benny DuBose said Donald Morgan, a former K9 handler, was arrested on Monday.
It was the second set of charges against him stemming from a drug raid at his Clarke County home in early May. Morgan was initially charged with illegal possession of cocaine and illegal possession of crystal methamphetamine.
The search came after he was found disoriented in his patrol car on May 3; he was transported to a local hospital.
All the charges specify "illegal" possession of drugs. This is because Morgan's K9 partner was a drug dog and the former police officer periodically used actual drugs in training sessions.
DuBose said the new charges were made after investigators learned that possession of more than 100 units of phenobarbital is a felony.