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Lauderdale County accepts bid for girls' home

By By Lynette Wilson / staff writer
Aug. 9, 2002
The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors has accepted an $85,000 bid by Dwayne and Cathy Fischer for the purchase of the Hilltop Home for Girls. The couple plans to convert the building into an elder care center.
The supervisors considered the Fischers' bid in a meeting Monday, but put off making a decision until they established the home's fair market value.
Lauderdale County Administrator Rex Hiatt said the property was appraised at $90,000.
Eight months ago, children from the Hilltop Home for Girls on Highway 45 in the Zero community, and the boys' home on Highway 39, were moved to Hope Village for Children. County officials planned to keep the homes for one year or until they were sure things would work out at Hope Village, District 3 Supervisor Craig Hitt said.
The Fishers and a staff of four part-time workers operate Crista House, an elder care center on 24th Avenue in Meridian.
Cathy Fischer said the Hilltop building needs a lot of work, and that it will take two or three months to get the center up and running. As far as the operational details, Fischer said she hasn't figured them out yet.
The new elder care center will accommodate 10 people. Crista House can take 15 people, although Fischer prefers to keep the number between six and eight.
For information, contact Cathy Fischer at 483-5822.