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Griffis: A fresh face

By Staff
Aug. 4, 2002
The Neshoba County Fair always yields a surprise or two and one of the most pleasant surprises this year was the energy with which a political newcomer is pursuing a seat on the Mississippi Court of Appeals. Kenny Griffis, a Meridian native, attorney and CPA, is running on the issue of restoring trust in the state's jaded judicial system.
Griffis peppered his remarks with phrases such as "Judicial decisions should not provide justice to the criminal at the expense of the victim" and "criminals who are proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt must be locked up whether they are violent offenders or corporate CEO's" and "2002 was a good year for Mississippi lawyers, but was it a good year for Mississippi citizens."
Griffis presents himself as an antidote to the poisonous lawsuit abuse going on in Mississippi today, saying, "We all pay for lawsuit abuse. We pay when we can't find a doctor. We pay when our homeowner and health insurance goes up. And we pay when our small businesses are closing up shop."
Griffis is running against a judge named Jim Brantley and is articulating a serious commitment to taming the lawsuit abuse monster with a shot of common sense, good judgment and the consistent application of law. His candidacy is worthy of note in the 3rd Appeals Court District, comprised of 19 counties in the old 3rd Congressional District.
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