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Thursday, Aug. 8, 2002

By Staff
Slow decline of a beautiful city
To the editor:
I was born and educated in Meridian; however, when I come back on visits I can't understand how a city can decide to become a retiree community and survive. Retirees are on a fixed income where as the young adults and baby boomers income is changing constantly. I was appalled to see certain parts of the city run down with a lot of empty houses that should've been torn down years ago, namely the East End. It appears to me that certain parts of the city are well keep and beautifully manicured. Isn't it better for the entire city to look this way?
As a visitor I have had plans to return home and raise my last child here, but not now. Meridian doesn't offer any activities other than doctors and lawyers. I asked myself can this city have that many illnesses and that many legal problems. I know for some this is the perfect little sleepy town where nothing major happens. But in the next 15 years a large portion of your retirees will not be around. Meridian has to attract something other than the Jimmy Rodgers festival. Granted not everybody likes the same type of entertainment but you've got to try and please most of your residents. When I speak to some of my friends from Meridian age (39-45) they say no way would they move to Meridian and if they did move back they wouldn't live in the city.
I went to Philadelphia, which seems to be growing a lot more than little ole Meridian. Mayor, look to the future and help this city grow into what it was named for the (Queen).
Betty Henry-Brown
A concerned former resident
Washington, D.C.
Time to take out Saddam
To the editor:
It is way past the time for all Americans to wake up and take a good look around. President Bush is right in his argument that Saddam has to be removed from power in Iraq. How many more innocent people must die before the American people have the guts to stand up and agree with the president of our country?
Do any of you think that Saddam, if left in power, would be a great neighbor? If you do, get out of my country and live in his. I for one am not afraid to say to Mr. Bush that it is time to turn the "Bulldogs" loose on Saddam and the military leaders that support him. We must not wait for another reason. If you know you are a target, remove the leash and strike hard and fast with the best that you have BEFORE you are hit. But, that is just my own Mississippi opinion.
Thank God for people like President Bush and Senator Trent Lott.
Charles William Dillard
EMSH's Christmas in July a great success
To the editor:
East Mississippi State Hospital ended its second annual Christmas in July campaign on Wednesday, July 31. Christmas in July is about trying to raise money to help ensure that all patients/residents/clients receive some type of Christmas gift and to help assist in paying for Christmas activities that are held for our patients.
This year's campaign was a huge success, which was greatly accredited to the loving generosity and sincere understanding of many local businesses and individuals. Our key sponsor this year was Anders Furniture, who donated several items which boosted our biggest money raiser, the silent auction. There were several other sponsors that we would also like to take the time to recognize for their help in making this event such a great success. These sponsors are as follows: Mississippi State University, University of Southern Mississippi, Meridian Community College, Woodstock Furniture, Little Acre Home and Patio, June's Specialties, Southern Gardens, Saxon's Flowers and Gifts, Briarwood Country Club, Around The Corner, Broadmoor Home Center, Long Wholesale, Bubba Dixon, Ashley Greenway, Theresa Miller, Clare Sims, and Rebecca Ledbetter.
We would like to give thanks to the staff and patrons whose participation aided greatly in the campaign's success. We would also like to say a special thanks to our director of the hospital, Dr. Ramiro J. Martinez, for allowing a campaign such as Christmas in July. It is seen through his administrative decisions that he realizes we have been charged with caring for some of the most special citizens of the state of Mississippi.
Once again, a sincere thank you goes out to all of our sponsors whose donations made the success of our Christmas in July campaign possible. It truly is nice to see the compassion and generosity of this fine community.
Bob Smith
Christmas in July Committee member