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School Lunches

By Staff
School lunches for Aug. 12-16
Meridian Public School District
Monday: Ham and cheese biscuit, assorted fruit juice, chilled milk
Tuesday: Donut, chilled pears, chilled milk
Wednesday: Sausage and biscuit, assorted fruit juice, chilled milk
Thursday: Toasted cheese sandwich, apple sauce, chilled milk
Friday: Cereal, toast, fresh fruit, milk
Monday: Corn dog, chips variety (sack lunch), whole kernel corn, blushing chilled pears
Tuesday: Pizza, tossed salad, rosy apple sauce, graham crackers
Wednesday: Chicken patty sandwich, french fries, frozen fruit juice bar, Rice Krispie treat
Thursday: Roast beef sub, chips variety, green beans, chocolate chip cookies
Friday: Barbecue chicken sandwich with dill pickle spear, baked beans, chilled peaches, pudding plus
Milk and juice available daily.
Lauderdale County School District
Monday: Chicken nuggets, chicken patty sandwich, mashed potatoes with cheese, green beans, green peas, chilled fruit, fresh fruit assortment, rolls, variety of milk
Tuesday: Roast beef with gravy, ham and cheese poorboy, rice, yam patties, black-eyed peas, chilled fruit, fresh fruit assortment, roll or cornbread, variety of milk
Wednesday: Hot dog, barbecue chicken burger, french fries, baked beans, chilled fruit, fresh fruit assortment, chocolate chip cookie, variety of milk
Thursday: Taco salad, burrito, whole kernel corn, choice of two vegetables, chilled fruit, fresh fruit assortment, variety of milk
Friday: Pizza, whole kernel corn, garden salad, chilled fruit, fresh fruit assortment, variety of milk
A full-price student lunch is $1.50. A full-price student breakfast is 50 cents. Fresh fruit and juice available daily. Salad or fruit and meat plate available as alternative menu daily.
Quitman School District
Breakfast: Not served this week
Monday: Chicken nuggets, spaghetti with meat sauce, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, chilled peaches, tropical apples, garlic bread
Tuesday: Ham and cheese hoagie, chicken gumbo, quick baked potato, creamy cole slaw, mixed fruit cup, orange wedges, chocolate chip cookies, crackers
Wednesday: Barbecue on a bun, corn dog nuggets, baked beans, garden salad with dressing, chips of choice, pineapple tidbits, fresh fruit bowl, crackers
Thursday: Cheeseburger, chicken salad plates, french fries, carrot sticks with dip, rosy apple sauce, grape clusters, crackers, assorted jello
Friday: Lasagna, fish sandwich, steamed peas, potato salad, pear salad, melon cubes, hot yeast rolls, ice cream treat.