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A good show

By Staff
August 11, 2002
Several letter-writers have underscored something we already knew the staging of the 14 Year Old Babe Ruth Southwest Regional Tournament in Meridian was a huge success. The tournament was well-organized and went off with nary a hitch. It was made even sweeter by the fact that the Meridian team won over very strong competition and is now headed to the world series in New York.
But, as it is said in sports, winning isn't everything. In this case, the tournament itself was quite a show and all of the players on all of the teams deserve a pat on the back.
This tournament brought in visitors who otherwise might have little reason to come. Many family members of the out-of-town players were gracious in their comments about what they found when they got here. Several other local folks also commented on the tournament.
We congratulate the tournament organizers for the manner in which the tournament was handled and we also thank the visitors who went out of their way to convey a good, positive message about our community.