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New bowling season underway

By By Mike Carson / bowling columnist
Aug. 20, 2002
The balls are thundering down the lanes, the pins are flying and the 2002-2003 season is underway. I hope everyone has had a good summer and are looking forward to another exciting season. On behalf of Dixie Bowl Lanes, The Meridian Bowling Association and the Meridian Women's Bowling Association, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back our returning bowlers and extend a hearty handshake to all of our new bowlers. We wish you all the best of luck during the coming months.
Openings for teams and individuals are still available in most leagues. Both the Tuesday Night Mixed and Wednesday Night Mixed leagues have slots for full teams. As of this writing the Bowlerettes ladies league is also seeking members to fill a final team vacancy. If you are interested in these or other positions you may contact Dixie Bowl and we will be happy to assist you.
The Stan's Classic Handicap Doubles tournament continues to draw bowlers from around the southeast. Heading into the third weekend the top spot was held by a pair of Nashville, Tenn., bowlers. Several local duos are high in the money, also. First Place is guaranteed $3000, and if the entries continue to accumulate, it looks like the payout will actually surpass that around. Remember, this is an open entry tournament and you may bowl with more than one partner at the same time each time you enter. For more information and a complete listing of the standings and rules log on to
Several local bowlers recently participated in the Emerald Coast Classic tournament in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. I haven't heard how all of them fared, but I do know that Jim Broderick, Jr. placed well in singles and Alan Topcik recorded his first career 700 Series while bowling in a team event. Many of you may recall that Candy Blackmon won the ladies singles title in this tournament two years ago. However, as of this date, I haven't heard how she or several others fared this time around.
I understand the Meridian Women's Bowling Association will be initiating a Bowler of the Week award this season. The winner will be announced in this column each week. I will have more information as soon as the program is finalized and gets underway.
As in past years, I will try to recognize as many high scores and accomplishments each week. The kicker is that if I don't know about it, I can't put it in print. So if you achieve something you would like me to recognize, please be sure and tell me about it. I will do my best to include as much as possible. Such accomplishments as first 500 (women), first 200, first 600 or first 700 are welcome, along with anything else you feel is noteworthy. This column is written on Thursday for the following Tuesday, so I will need to hear from you by Wednesday evening. If I am not available, leave me a note or a message at the counter at Dixie Bowl.