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Sheriff: Take a last look at the sun

By By William F. West / community editor
Aug. 28, 2002
An inmate charged with kidnapping and rape was placed in lock-down Tuesday afternoon after briefly escaping from the Lauderdale County jail.
Kenneth W. Herrington, 46, of 5873 Omitted Road, got to the rooftop but was blocked by razor-wire, Sheriff Billy Sollie said.
The incident happened about 2:30 p.m. as inmates were going to the north yard for a recreation period. That yard has two basketball goals on each end. Sollie said he thinks other inmates helped Herrington climb to the top of one of the goals.
Sollie said one other inmate will be questioned at length and he plans to ask the inmates in the yard why they didn't tell a correctional officer what was happening.
Herrington was charged by the Meridian Police Department in mid-August with burglary of a dwelling, kidnapping, forcible rape and two counts of sexual battery after he allegedly abducted a young woman from her house.
According to Sollie, Herrington has a history of escape attempts. The National Crime Information Center reports that he once escaped from federal authorities.
The sheriff said he will ask the district attorney to seek an indictment against Herrington for attempted escape.