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New ways to cook wild game

By By Otha Barham / outdoors editor
Nov. 8, 2002
Is it just me or do all hunters like to eat? Maybe I just relate better to the food lovers among us and am thus unaware of the picky ones because I myself am hooked on food. Not a connoisseur, mind you, because I discriminate against very few foods in fact I cant think of any at the moment. (My doctor has suggested many foods for which I should develop aversions but I fail in endless attempts.)
Steve and Gale Loder's most recent wild game cookbook is a mixed blessing for me in that regard. Their talents for finding and publicizing delicious ways to cook game results in a reservoir of new dishes that tempt me to postpone dieting one more time. Yes, they have plenty of recipes that produce healthy meals. After all, wild game is a leader in the low-calories, low-fat department. But do I search those out first, or do my eyes twinkle when I read words like gravy, butter and fry? You got it.
Number three
The book is titled "Quality Venison III," following their earlier titles "Quality Venison I and II." Some two and a half years in the writing, this book is actually two books in one. Half the book consists of hunting tales from several outdoor writers. Each story is accompanied by its own special recipe. This follows the format of the Loders' two previous books, except that number III has many more outdoor stories.
The Loders are former Meridianites and Steve hunted with friends in this area. His health is failing and he told me recently that he may not even be able to hunt small game this year around their Pennsylvania home.
Quality Venison I and II created excitement hereabouts with recipes named after this area, many having originated here. Much of the interest occurred because there were so many very good recipes in the books. The fact that deer are so plentiful these days and bag limits so generous adds to the need to find new ways to prepare venison for the table.
Small game too
The sub-title to the new volume is "All New Wild Game Recipes and Hunting Tales Too." Following this theme, there are recipes for small game and wild turkey dishes included in the self-published book.
In just over four and a half years, this couple has sold over 33,000 copies of their first two books. They market aggressively, doing virtually all the promotion work themselves from their home contacting media sources in person, mailing out thousands of brochures and letters and making hundreds of phone calls.
To obtain an autographed copy of "Quality Venison III," contact Loders' Game Publications Inc., P. O. Box 1615, Cranberry Township, PA 16066. Telephone (724) 779-8320. FAX (724) 779-9533. The cost is $14.95 plus $3.50 postage and handling.