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A Grand Junction Journal

By By Todd Doolittle / MCC baseball team member
May 23, 2003
I didn't want to get wet at all.
When we pulled away from Meridian Community College just after nine in the morning it was raining hard.
Everybody just tried to load their bags and equipment under the bus as quick as possible and than board the bus to get out of the rain.
The first thing I thought when I got on the bus was that it was freezing.
I quickly changed out of my wet shirt, and I told my teammates they needed to change out of their drenched shirts too.
The last thing we want is for anyone to get sick before we get to Grand Junction, Colo., to play in the 2003 Alpine Bank Junior College World Series.
We crossed into five states on the first day of the trip, going through Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma before we settled in at a hotel in Kansas for the night.
During the trip I just tried to keep my mind off the upcoming games this weekend. We watched various movies starting with "Summer Catch"
and finishing up the first leg of our journey watching "Gladiator."
Around noon we pulled into a Barn Hills in Monroe, La, for lunch. This restaurant hasn't been the best place for us to eat in the last few times. The last one we went to was horrible.
Luckily, the buffet-style restaurant in Monroe was one of the better ones, the roast beef was excellent.
The only problem I had was I mistook a noodle dish with what looked like red sauce for lasagna. I'm not sure what it was but it had corn in it, I guess it
might have been some form of chili.
I have been able to fall asleep pretty easily on the bus, which made the trip go quicker.
But I still think about the upcoming game when I stop paying attention to the movie or talking with my teammates about what our plans for the summer.
We finally pulled into our hotel for the night at 2:34 Wednesday morning.
It's a bit chilly, and it's time to finally get some sleep in a bed instead of cramped seat on the back of the bus.