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Wednesday, May 28, 2003

By Staff
Don't spoil a long tradition
To the editor:
The more I read the letters to the editor lately, the more I see a town feeling sorry for itself. I am not from Meridian; however, I have lived here for 10 years and I have stayed here because it gave me a sense of stability and there are some really great things here, not to mention the people. There are some wonderful people in Meridian.
When the weather is bad, I can feel secure by knowing the WTOK-TV guys are at the station keeping me up to date with what's going on. But lately some of the letters really make me stop and think.
I personally didn't attend the Jimmie Rodgers Festival. I know that it is a tradition in Meridian and has brought many outsiders to our town. All of the complaints about alcohol and language and things like that are nothing more than someone trying to spoil a long tradition for Meridian. It starts with one person who dislikes something about what goes on and then ends up with us having to cancel the festival altogether.
I think if a person does not like alcohol, they don't have to drink it. As far as the language, well, our flag gave us the freedom of speech and, if you don't like it, go stand or sit somewhere else. We can't punish a whole town because of a few things that someone might not like. They pay for their tickets, they are there at their own will, so stop whining about what is so bad and just enjoy yourself.
I teach my kids every day to ignore those bad things and people around us. It's easy to do because you are in control of everything you do with your body and mind. This town is a very spiritual town and full of great people and businesses and filled with lots of future potentials.
A few years ago, I didn't want to be here, but I'm glad I stayed because I have a home now. So to those of you who don't agree with certain things, loosen up just a bit and live. Life is so short and sitting back complaining about what the girl next door is doing only makes your life seem miserable and in the end shorter.
So if people in this town want to have a few drinks at public functions, let them do it. They have worked long and hard. As long as they are responsible that is all that matters. Take some time and read the Bible,
because they celebrated with wine and music on many occasions. We teach our kids to enjoy life, don't make them grow up feeling guilty for every single thing they do as an adult, such as having a drink at a social function.
Jeanne Kelly
Military personnel need our appreciation
To the editor:
In response to a letter from Linda Coker concerning the lack of support for the returning service people, I have to agree with her. Take notice when base closure time comes around again. Isn't it amazing how many people will make the news in support of keeping it. What are we telling Navy personnel about Meridian, that we will do what it takes to keep you and the income you bring, but forget about you even
though you risk your lives for all of our country.
There should have been bands and banners and so many people awaiting their arrival that parking would have become a problem. We take our safety for granted and fail to show appreciation to those who help make it possible.
May Herrington
via e-mail
State Guard seeks volunteers
To the editor:
The Mississippi State Guard is seeking veterans who would like to volunteer for state service. We are a part of the Mississippi Military Department under the control of the National Guard. Our duties are to supplement the National Guard and other agencies in case of emergencies such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and civil unrest. We are under the command of the governor and cannot be called up for any duty outside the state. You'll be expected to provide your own uniforms and bear the costs of going to and from monthly drills. If we are called to active duty by the governor, you will be paid military pay rates according to your rank. You receive no pay unless called to active duty by the governor.
We will be an important part of Homeland Security and will be able to make valuable contributions to the safety of our fellow citizens. You'll be given the rank on your DD 214 and provided an opportunity for advancement. Former enlisted people may contact me at the following e-mail address: Former officers of the regular services, National Guard, Reserves or other State Guards should contact Col. Lynn McCoy at You can visit our web site at
Lt. Pate Miranda