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Excellence in education

By Staff
June 16, 2003
The following academic awards were given at West Lauderdale High School for the 2002-2003 school year.
Agricultural Mechanics I: Talbert Goldman.
Agricultural Mechanics II: Adam Reeves.
Mississippi Studies: David Parker.
Advanced World Geography: Clay Logan.
Biology II: Vankeila Wilson.
Transition to Algebra: Samantha Griffin.
Physical Science: Elliott Brewer.
Desktop Publishing/Information Processing: Jessica Moore.
Health: Sommer Jones.
Chorus: Nick Webb.
Accelerated English I: David Parker.
English I: Sarah Birmingham.
Creative Writing: Alisha Hudnall.
Mythology: Tana Clay.
Spanish I: Courtney Godwin.
Nutrition and Wellness: Cole Wilson.
Family Dynamics: Megan Williams.
Band: Andrew Lee and Bliss Savell.
Anatomy and Physiology: Anna Dallas.
AP Biology: Matt Swanner.
AP English IV: Courtney Godwin.
English IV: Jessica Courvelle.
Algebra II: David Parker.
Survey: Ashley Burns.
Power Point: Adam Reeves.
Technology Discovery: David Parker.
Environment Science: Brook Bounds.
Astronomy: Austin Pickett.
Genetics: Danielle Guinn.
Aquatic Science: Nathan Cross.
Pre-algebra: Kalin Alford.
Transition to Algebra: Katie Mathieu.
Algebra I: Mark Ford.
Transition to Algebra: Rachael Cox.
Physics: Brent Boutwell.
Chemistry: Madalyn Ivy.
AP Chemistry: Courtney Godwin.
Physical Science: Ronald Robinson.
Allied Health I: Ashley Gerard.
Allied Health II: Ashley Thompson.
HOSA Award: Jessica Pogue.
English II: Jessica Moore.
AP Calculus: Matt Prater.
Advanced Algebra/Pre-calculus: Leslie Gaddis.
Trigonometry/Probability: Matt Swanner.
Geometry: Chere Duke.
Accelerated English III: Austin Pickett.
English III: Ashley Thompson.
Oral Communications: Sara Vaughn.
US History: Chris Seaphus.
World History: Caleb Dulaney.
Algebra I: Heather Corbett.
Geometry: David Parker.
Pre-algebra: Katie Mathieu.
Perfect score Algebra I test: Taleisha Douglas.
Art: Megan Watkins.
DAR Citizenship Award: Nickolee Tedder.
Mississippi Air National Guard awards: Lindsey Burks and Natalie Summerlin.
Delta Phi Beta award: Crystal Moore.
Coca-Cola award: Crystal Moore.
Leadership award: Courtney Godwin and Tyler Skelton.
Best-all-around: Brook Bounds and Brent Boutwell.