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Fathers, fishing and kids go hand in hand

By By Mike Giles / outdoors writer
June 13, 2003
Sunday is Father's Day if you didn't know it. That should be a big day in most of our lives. There's nothing quite like having a wonderful father and grandfather to share your life with. There are times when all fathers have to be the adult and discipline children for their own good. However, there are also many times that fathers can share in their children's lives by making happy memories. Taking children fishing is a perfect example of that.
My father and grandfathers all took me fishing when I was young. As I grew older I continued to fish and enjoy it very much. During the past few years I have taken my Pawpaw Nolen and father fishing as much as possible. Pawpaw is now gone, but I still get to take my dad fishing. It's a great thing to be able to live your life and make it through the teen years when a lot of young people are defiant against their parents while they try to make their own place in the world.
Fishing usually transcends all of the troubles in the world. When you are out on the water things are different. No phones, radios, televisions or troubles. When I talk about fishing I'm talking about fishing in a secluded area such as a pond, stream, creek or river purely for fun and relaxation. Although I have done my share of tournament fishing, I prefer to get away from the crowds now. Competition is good, but when it comes to fishing I go to have fun. Whether that fish is ten inches or ten pounds matters not to me. As long as they pull on the end of my string, I'm happy.
First bass
Back in my early years when I was four or five I accompanied my father Jack Giles and grandfather Vernon Giles to Goat Moseley's pond up in the edge of Kemper County. Now I was probably in the way but they let me go anyway. I don't remember a lot about that day but I do remember a few things. We fished with minnows back in those days. I had a small plastic "Mickey Mouse" type rod and reel with a cork and minnow. Of course I was pretty hyper and fidgety while waiting for a bite.
Before I knew it I looked up and my rod and reel was being dragged into the lake. Lucky for me it floated. I went to hollering and Dad came over and pulled the rig back to the bank with the help of a limb. Once in my hands I had the fight of my little life, as Haze Bosarge is apt to say. And what a fight it was, at least to a small boy. What seemed like an eternity was only a short time in reality. But the results gave me my first bass and a lifetime memory.
Since that time I have spent many an hour fishing with all types of people. Out of all of the fishermen that I have met and fished with, I've yet to meet one that was an outlaw. There's just something about fishing that tends to bring out the best in people. This Sunday take the time to thank your dad for carrying you fishing if he is still here. And don't forget that there are little ones who need a Dad to carry them fishing as well. I hope to carry my dad and children fishing again before too long and make some more memories. If you've never done it, try it. You just might like it. But be careful, you just might get someone hooked on fishing.