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Powerlifting competition carries a lot of weight

By By Ryan Satcher/staff writer
June 22, 2003
The Powerlifting event in the State Games of Mississippi may not have had a large quantity of participants, but it made up for it in quality.
Some very good competitors gathered at the fitness center at Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center Saturday morning to pump some iron in the State Games meet.
The event drew just 24 competitors this season, but the new location at Jeff Anderson should get the event going in the right direction for the years to come.
Joe Morrow took the best overall male lifter in the meet and Rebecca Phelps came away with the best overall female lifter.
Morrow lifted 1,130 pounds during the meet and picked up a gold medal in the full meet category while Phelps finished with 1,025 pounds lifted and a gold medal in the female full meet category.
Michael Dowdy and Knute Douglas each finished with a gold medal for the full meet division in the Teen-1 division.
In the T-2 division of the full meet, Steven Ray Phillips, Cody Taylor, John Stauts, Andrew Driver and Nicholas Doggett each came away with gold medals.
Chris Kelly took gold in the T-3 division of the full meet category.
In the open age group, James Young took gold in the 220-pound raw division. Mike Sims took the gold in the 220-pound assisted division.
Kevin Jones lifted a total of 1,000 pounds to take gold in the Masters-1 age group of the full meet category. Jim Lyons took gold in the Masters-3 age group.
In the female open age group of the full meet category, Elizabeth Dickerson, Tammy Thomas and Rhonda Cross each took gold in their individual weight class.
Other lifters winning gold in individual lifts were: Michael Dowdy, squat, bench and deadlift; Nicholas Dowdy, squat and deadlift; Lyons, squat, bench and deadlift; James Young, squat, bench and deadlift; Doggett, squat, bench and deadlift; John Perkins, bench; Bill Dearman, bench; and Eddie Lambert, deadlift.
Kyle Bynum took silver in the bench only division in his age group while Tyrone Davis took second in the open bench only division.