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Mall Mania offers learning lessons

By By Beth Randall/ 4-h Youth Agent
June 22, 2003
Summer is definitely here and you can tell by looking at the store windows. Stores are filled with tank tops, shorts, skirts, capri pants, sandals, swimsuits and more.
I really enjoy shopping, but I do try to get the most "bang for my buck."
In order to get the items you need without breaking the bank, you have to be prepared to shop before you go to the store. I know a great way for youth ages 8 to 18 to get prepared for shopping, and that is by attending Mall Mania.
Do you want to learn how to get more clothes for your money and the latest styles when it's time to do some back-to-school shopping?
If you do, then Bonita Lakes Mall is the place to be on Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon the times for Mall Mania. You will learn how to be a "smart shopper" using imaginary money while going on a shopping spree at a variety of stores in the mall in search for the "best buys" of different items.
Besides learning how to spend your shopping money wisely, you will also learn about clothing care, selecting quality garments and wardrobe planning. Did you know there is a way to determine the true cost of a garment?
Simply divide the cost of the garment by the total number of times you plan to wear it in the number of years you plan on keeping the garment. This will give you the cost per wearing of the item. By comparing garments in this way, you will be able to see which are the best values.
In my vast shopping experience I have learned many valuable lessons. One thing I have learned is just because it is on sale doesn't mean that I should buy it. It should fit correctly, be comfortable, be the right color for my skin tones, and be an item that will work with other garments in my closet.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you make a purchase.
Do you like the style?
Do you like the color and fabric?
Do the closures work?
Are the seams secure?
Will you follow the care instructions?
Does the garment hang smoothly?
Can you bend, sit and walk with ease?
Is the hem smooth and even?
Is the neck opening comfortable?
These are just a few of the many things you will learn at Mall Mania. Come join us for an exciting morning to find out how to be a "super shopper." For more information on Mall Mania or the 4-H Clothing Program call you 4-H office. In Lauderdale County, the number is 482-9764.