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Challenging course dries in time for State Game bikers

By By Jared Florreich / staff writer
June 30, 2003
With all the rain in recent days, State Games mountain bike riders faced uncertain five-mile trail conditions at Bonita Lake.
Commissioner Tom Martin said, despite the rain, the trail was in good condition.
Other riders, like Corbett Hollister, who competed and won gold in the 16-19 age group, came in winded, and in serious need of relief.
Many riders, like Jay Semien, who won gold in the beginner 14-under division, trained by riding other trails and courses.
There were three levels, beginner, sport, and expert level, with the event operating under national off-road biking association rules.
Medal winners were: Beginner 14-under Male Jay Semien won the gold and T.J. Mallette the silver; Beginner 14-under Girl Elise Mallete won the gold; Beginner 16-19 Male Corbett Hollister won the gold; Beginner 20-24 Male Brian Nunnery won the gold;
Beginner 35-39 Male Joseph Marcilia won the gold, Brad Yarbrough won the silver, and Dan Talley won the bronze; Beginner 40-44 Male Charles Smith won the gold and Michael Beal won the silver;
Beginner 50-54 Male David Carr won the gold and Steven Palm won the silver; Beginner 60-64 Male Bob Glenn won the gold; Beginner 35-39 Women Rebecca Stanley won the gold and Susan Williams won the Silver;
Beginner 45-older Women Cecil Bunyard won the gold, Amette Holister won the silver, and Suzanne Todd won the bronze;
Women Sport Lena Yarbrough won the gold; 20-24 Sport Men Adam Stewart won the gold; 25-29 Sport Men Jeff Boswell won the gold, Brad Atkins won the silver, and Perry Goodman won the bronze;
30-34 Sport Men Cary Watkins won the gold; 35-39 Sport Men Curt Thompson won the gold and Chuck Lyon won the silver; 40-44 Sport Men Ed Bishop won the gold, Tommy Smith the silver, and Peter Horz won the bronze; Men's Expert Brian Bunch won the gold.