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Wednesday, July 9, 2003

By Staff
Meridian angels emerge at just the right time
To the editor:
You need to be aware that there are angels in Mississippi many of them. I know this because our son and our new daughter-in-law were returning from their honeymoon cruise on Saturday night. They were about 15 miles west of Meridian on I-20 when they drove into a terrible downpour.
The car hydroplaned, turned 180 degrees and slammed through a guardrail and overturned in a ditch filled with water. Miraculously, they were unscratched, but all their wedding presents were scattered about 200 yards away.
As they stood there in the downpour, about 30 Mississippi angels stopped to help them they brought umbrellas, towels and someone even brought large garbage bags. They picked up all the presents and secured them. A highway patrolman stayed at the scene until Mike Spears arrived with his tow truck.
Sandra Groves from Oklahoma City scooped them up and took them in her 18-wheeler to a truck stop to dry off. Mike Spears loaded the wrecked vehicle, went to the truck stop and loaded the gifts into Ms. Groves' 18-wheeler. She then drove the couple to South Carolina where our son is stationed in the Air Force. Mike Spears even called me Sunday afternoon to make sure we had gotten in contact with the couple.
What could have turned into a nightmare was instead turned into a miracle by so many Mississippi angels (and one from Oklahoma City). Our sincere thanks to all who helped make this a happy ending to an otherwise "routine" honeymoon.
George P. Cole Jr.
Brig. Gen. USAF (Retired)
Bossier City, La.
Zeke's column neither funny nor fair
To the editor:
In response to Zeke Calhoun's column ("Run, Hillary, Run," The Meridian Star, June 29, 2003): As this was written as a satirical and pro Republican piece, I found it neither funny nor fair to the majority of Republicans in this country.
HRC is hated for many different reasons by the white right wing of this country. But, you cannot deny the fact she is very smart, very well informed and a moderate on religion, world events and fiscal responsibility.
To compare a country where all people are equal regardless of color, sex, religion or sexual orientation as socialist shows an ignorance and hatred that is not needed in this world. Every person has the right to choose and to be who he or she can be. To take the atrocities committed by Stalin (he killed over 20 million of his own people) and partnering those with HRC's political views, are taking as Mr. Calhoun made his point, fear and loathing out to the lowest common denominator.
Don't believe everything that is fed to you via your television. Listen, learn and vote for the person and party that will support, nourish and challenge us, not create a class system just for those who have so much and are unwilling to let others earn their fair share.
Craig Wilkes
Wants to hear from all candidates for governor
To the editor:
There have been and will soon be more debates in the upcoming governor's race. In some of these, the three major candidates have been invited while, in others, only Gov. Musgrove and Mr. Barbour have received invites. I am just curious who decides who will be allowed to speak, what are the requirements? Is it money raised, name recognition or who the Democrat and Republican leaders say should be up there.
I feel if someone is running for a position as powerful as the governor's office, then all candidates who wish to participate should be heard. Last time I checked, this country was "for the people, by the people" not "for the people, by the select few in power."
Gabe Smith
Comcast should offer Fox News
To the editor:
I'm one of the many local residents and customers of Comcast Cable that has asked the cable company to offer Fox News Channel. For months, Comcast has dragged their feet and offered lame excuses for not offering the hottest news channel in the country.
There are only about six or seven of the channels offered by Comcast that I watch, so I feel that if they eliminated some of the "junk" channels, they could offer Fox News Channel.
Pate Miranda