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Part of Bonita Lakes walking trail to be temporarily closed

By Staff
Special to The Star
July 19, 2003
Starting Monday, about a third of the walking track around the lower lake at Bonita Lakes will be closed during repairs to the large dam. The portion of the walking trail closest to the big dam will be closed for about two weeks.
Crews will be removing dirt from the dam, which contains and excessive amount of lignite, inhibiting the growth of grass that helps prevent erosion of the dam. Lime will be added to the soil to give it the proper balance for plant growth.
This process will require the use of heavy machinery on the slope just above the walking trail; for safety reasons, no one will be allowed on the trail at that point.
Walkers and joggers will still be able to use the rest of the trail, but will have to double back and retrace their steps rather than making complete loops around the lake.
This work on the big dam is unrelated to repairs that are still needed on the dam of the lower lake, where leaking has been occurring.
For information, call Maureen Lofton, the city of Meridian's assistant for governmental affairs, at 485-1819.