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We lost Mickey Lee Fitzgerald

By By Jeff Dean / special to The Star
July 20, 2003
On Tuesday, July 8, Meridian, Lauderdale County and the entire region here suffered a tragedy that will take months, years and even a lifetime for some to get over.
I am talking about the shootings at Lockheed, of course. I want to help you all get to know one of the victims of that tragedy. His name is Mickey Lee Fitzgerald.
Mickey was my first cousin, and Mickey was sadly one of those killed by Doug Williams when he went on his rampage. I grew up knowing Mickey and his little brother, Ricky, who is my age. Mickey was a few years older than us, and hung around with my two older brothers a lot growing up.
I would like to let you all know what Ricky and I both saw in Mickey and my older brothers men, respectable men. Staying away from trouble when they could and never bothering a soul. Mickey set a good example for us, just as the older ones should.
Mickey in his adult life married Tammy, and the two of them had two fine children, a daughter, Casey, and a son, Corey. Just as Mickey and Tammy are Christians, they instilled into their children good Christian values as well.
Our family and our community is grieving now we have lost someone very dear to us, and we miss him.
Some have said that Mickey tried to stop Williams from his shooting spree, that he tried to reason with him and talk him into putting the guns down, but the man was too far gone to listen to reason. It wouldn't surprise me, or anyone else that knew Mickey, that he tried to talk to this man and stop him. That was just in Mickey's nature to always try and do the right thing.
I have written a poem about the man that Mickey was and what he means to us all and I would like to share it with you now, so you all know what kind of man was taken from this world on July 8 at Lockheed. Get to know Mickey and why we are grieving so sadly for the loss of him. Thank you.
In Memory of Mickey
A husband, a father, a brother, a cousin
and a friend lies here before us today.
Loved by us all, he touched the hearts
of each of us, in his own special way.
To his wife he was a loving husband,
and she he cherished with all of his heart.
To his children he was a father,
that loved them more than life,
and taught them honor, respect
and Christianity straight from the start.
To you, Ricky, he was a brother,
the best a brother could be,
there when needed, only a phone call away.
Take shelter in knowing he loved you dearly,
as you grieve for him today.
To me he was my cousin and a friend, that grew up
as my neighbor with me and my brothers,
always setting the good example,
as the older ones should.
To his friends, he was a true friend,
offering his heart and help anytime
they were in need,
doing anything he could.
Today our hearts are breaking,
as we prepare to say our good-byes.
To this brother of the community,
we do so with pain in our hearts,
and teardrops in our eyes.
Mickey go with God, you will never be forgotten
and forever you will be missed, a sad fact that is true.
Rest high up in the Heavens, in the room that God
has prepared there in the mansion just for you.
Tammy, Casey, Corey, and Ricky, I know your pain is deep.
Think not of Mickey gone, he is with you in your memories
and in your hearts, whether you're awake or asleep.
Let us all dwell not on how Mickey left us,
let us take solace in how he lived,
that's how Mickey would want it, of that I feel so sure.
Remember the smile on his face, the feel of his touch,
and the influence on you that he had, remember his
kind and gentle caring, so genuine and pure.
The plan God held for him, here on earth is done.
The Father has a Heavenly purpose now for Mickey,
and He has called upon this son.
Jeff Dean, July 11, 2003