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Sunday, July 20, 2003

By Staff
Depicting racial unity
To the editor:
I am writing to commend The Meridian Star and photographer Paula Merritt for a beautiful example of racial unity depicted in the photo that ran on the front page of the paper of July 13, 2003.
This photo showed the wife of the Rev. Charlie "C.J." Miller, who was killed in the shootings at Lockheed Martin, clasping the hand of Brad Bynum, an employee of the plant who was wounded. In light of such a tragic event, it is good to see positive publicity where race is concerned.
Also, I am a member of NorthPark Church, where Rev. Miller's funeral was held, and I consider it an honor to be part of a body that is willing to open its doors to all fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
Susan Beesley
Sympathy offered
To the editor:
As a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I offer my deepest sympathy to those affected by the July 8 shootings at Lockheed Martin. May God's peace strengthen and comfort those who lost loved ones.
It is my prayer that we may learn from this incident to respect and cherish our fellow citizens and to work out our differences through dialogue and cooperation. The loss of lives and the injuries caused are indeed tragic, but may we learn from this incident to work together for a greater Mississippi. I know the good people of the Magnolia State will prevail.
Dr. Arnold M. Huskins
Ocean Springs
Memorial should also have included Williams
To the editor:
I agree to a certain extent that Doug Williams was not a victim of his own crime, but his friends and family were. I feel a memorial is more to do with the surviving family as much as the victim. That's why I feel something should have been said or done on their behalf. They don't deserve to be treated like the criminal he was.
Why should Lockheed dismiss or fire Shirley J. Price? She didn't commit the acts of violence. She was just a friend to Mr. Williams.
James Dunn
On today's corporate culture
To the editor:
I do not personally know anyone who works at Lockheed Martin or near this facility. I feel that this is just another explosive statement of how business in today's society fails to take responsibility for its complete lack of concern for its employees.
Corporate culture today views employees as expendable commodities to be used and discarded at will.
The media has already demonized the individual responsible for this tragic occurrence, but as the facts come out I am sure that management will take no responsibility for the event as usual.
They will hide behind their lawyers and continue business as usual. I have no sympathy for management. I do have sympathy for all of the innocents and all of the lives that have been forever altered by management labeling this employee as disgruntled.
May God have mercy on them.
Jesse Welch